ServiceNow Workflow Quarterly: The Platform Issue


Is your business built resilient? It’s an important question business leaders must ask today in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To help organizations answer this critical question, ServiceNow partnered with ThoughtLab to learn what organizations achieve by digitizing workflows on an enterprise-wide platform and how they do it. ServiceNow and ThoughtLab’s research indicates that organizations in the strongest position are those that have digitized workflows on a single enterprise platform.

ThoughtLab created a maturity model based on a survey of 600 C-level executives to examine the progress organizations are making in platform technology and the benefits they are deriving. The model considers 11 key dimensions to determine whether an organization is a beginner, intermediate, or leader. Dimensions include whether workflows are integrated, workers are equipped with the right digital skills, and if platforms are designed for the cloud. According to our survey, two out of every three C-level executives who responded believe an enterprise-wide digital platform is important to the future of their organization. The flexibility of the cloud paired with integration and automation enables their business to be proactive and move faster.

COVID-19 has simply highlighted the existing weaknesses in global value chains. While it’s important for leaders to keep their hands on short- term challenges, they also need to keep their eyes on the future.