ServiceNow Workflow Quarterly: The Experience Issue


The Workflow Quarterly Experience Issue reports on how leading organizations are driving productivity and growth through better business processes for employees and customers. The Winter 2020 edition of the magazine offers advice on how to lead through uncertainty, invest for resilience, and jumpstart an engaged workforce.

Even before the pandemic hit, new research shows, companies that had already made significant investments in digitizing employee experience (EX) were achieving major benefits. In a global survey by ServiceNow and ThoughtLab of more than 600 C-level executives in five sectors—financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, and telecom—organizations defined as “leaders” in digital work experiences reported where they are seeing the biggest benefits relative to other companies:

  • Higher topline growth: 44% of EX leaders say their efforts have resulted in more revenue compared with 27% of other companies.
  • Increased employee productivity: EX leaders (58%) cite better productivity as a benefit, much more than other companies (41%).
  • Higher employee satisfaction: Almost half of EX leaders (44%) say digitization has led to a happier workforce compared with 37% of other companies.

The research also shows that investing in employee experience correlates with improved customer success and, ultimately, higher revenue. For example, organizations identified as EX leaders in the survey (60%) were more likely than follower organizations (37%) to analyze customer needs, attitudes, and behaviors. Leaders (50%) also did a better job of designing customer-centric products and services than followers (28%). Leaders (47%) were also twice as likely as followers (29%) to personalize customer experience (CX).

Those findings build on other survey insights about corporate investments in digitizing customer experience. Companies that invested heavily in digital CX saw major bottom-line benefits such as improved customer satisfaction scores, higher revenue growth, and reduced customer churn, to name a few.