Making Business Thrive: A Cloud Leader Roadmap for Achieving 10x ROI


Enterprises around the world have discovered how to use cloud to increase revenue and build their business. For organizations with the most-successful implementations, which go beyond cloud migration, cloud helps them achieve far more than lower costs: it empowers them to transform their business and fuel their future.

Companies of every size need to capitalize on their business and IT investments, including their investments in cloud. Enterprises beginning their cloud journey or seeking to accelerate it can maximize results by following the model of leaders, whose cloud use drives a 12% bottom-line increase compared with just 2.6% for cloud beginners.

That’s just one of the benefits cloud leaders realize, according to a recent Wipro survey of 1,300 global executives regarding their current and future cloud plans. Cloud leaders – the top 20% of companies we polled – achieve a return on investment 10 times higher than beginners. They do it by embracing the important role cloud plays across their enterprise, from streamlining operations and accelerating product development to combining cloud with other technologies to amplify revenue generation.