Wipro: The Cloud Growth Strategy for CMI


Insights shared in this report are based on surveys conducted for Wipro between June and July and from September to October 2021 by ThoughtLab Group to analyze current and future patterns of enterprise-level cloud adoption. Respondents included 1,400 executives at organizations ranging in size from less than $5 billion to more than $20 billion, with the largest share in the mid-sized category. The survey sample included 100 companies from the communications, media, and information-services industries, with respondents split fairly evenly among the three subsectors. Companies are located in six countries (Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK and US), but because the geographic distribution of CMI firms is heavily weighted toward the US, more than half are based in the US, more than twice the percentage of other industries. All respondents are responsible for or play a key role in their organization’s cloud computing strategy and implementation. Additional insights come from responses to open-ended questions.

To calculate cloud maturity, we analyzed each company to determine the cloud progress they are making, the percentage of their applications they operate in the cloud, and the number of advanced technologies they use in conjunction with the cloud. Based on those criteria, we classified the top 13% of CMI respondents as cloud “leaders,” the middle 61% as “intermediate users,” and the other 26% as “beginners.”