Wipro: Metaverse, A Revolutionary Game Changer For Business

The Metaverse may be in its early stages of development, but business leaders agree that in two years, its impact will be felt across all areas of business, changing how companies manage, nurture, and interact with employees, customers, and partners.

To understand the potential of the emergent Metaverse—its applications, challenges, risks, and opportunities—Wipro commissioned a global survey of 550 business and technology executives. There was a resounding message that the Metaverse is here to stay despite recent technology-sector turbulence and market skepticism.

CXOs recognize the Metaverse as more than hype and much more than a customer engagement platform; it’s a convergence of technologies that will transform and have significant business implications, involving the nuts and bolts and cross-functional activities fundamental to business success. While some companies have already made significant investments, it’s not too late for others to start their journey now.

The survey’s full results will be available in a report shortly.