Wipro: How Retailers and Brands Drive Revenue and Growth with Cloud


Wipro FullStride Cloud Services and ThoughtLab surveyed 1,400 global executives, including 123 consumer brands and 136 retailers in six countries, with revenues ranging from less than $5 billion to $20 billion or more. Our research showed that cloud leaders in the retail and consumer-brand industries are thriving and expanding through their cloud adoption. Whereas cloud beginners in the retail and CPG sectors are struggling to achieve a return on investment, leaders are achieving an average ROI of about 100%. 

Our research showed that “cloud leaders,” which represented the top 20% in cloud maturity, achieved a return on investment 100 times higher than cloud beginners. 

This report explores the best practices of those retail and consumer-brand cloud leaders, and three key characteristics they share that others can follow. First, they leverage the cloud to create a future-ready business strategy and drive revenue. Second, they use the cloud to improve the customer experience and enhance their employee experience and productivity. And third, they look to the cloud to create intelligent and interconnected operations. 

By following these best practices, other retailers and consumer brands can make the big shift and position themselves to thrive in their industries’ cloud-everywhere future.