ServiceNow: The Payoffs of Digital Enterprise Platforms


Today, digital enterprise platforms are a business imperative. They allow organizations to modernize businesses around digital and data. Compared to competitors, organizations with digital enterprise platforms can move more quickly at a greater scale, and they have better flexibility. IT is no longer a barrier to reinvention. Instead, it helps to drive continuous adaption and innovation. A recent survey of 600 senior executives conducted by ServiceNow and ThoughtLab reveals that almost two-thirds of respondents believe digital enterprise platforms are hugely important. In fact, a quarter say they are vital to the future of their businesses. But, what does success look like for organizations striving to digitize their operating foundations and how do you get there?

Implementing a digital enterprise platform takes planning and commitment, but it drives enormous business benefits, such as improved profitability, decreased costs, and increased revenue. It also helps improve planning and decision making. Wherever your organization is on your journey to implement an enterprise platform and workflows, survey findings suggest you will be in good company. Over the next three years, more firms plan to expand their use of digital enterprise platforms. In fact, the benefits of digitization generally grow as companies mature and become Leaders, incorporating digital enterprise platforms into the heart of their business strategies. You don’t want to miss the significant strategic payoffs, including bigger market share, greater customer satisfaction, and increased shareholder value.