The Intelligence Revolution: Driving ROI with AI

The rise of artificial intelligence both reflects and accelerates the major geopolitical, social, and economic shifts happening around the world. With growing evidence that AI gives companies and organizations the ability to be more efficient, effective, and profitable, how can leaders, who may have limited understanding of AI and its benefits, make informed investment decisions about AI?

To help executives drive ROI from AI, ESI ThoughtLab, together with a group of AI leaders, conducted a benchmarking study of 1,200 organizations across industries and world markets. This ground-breaking research is designed to provide executives with an evidence-based roadmap for supercharging their business performance through AI.

View this on-demand webinar featuring Lou Celi, CEO of ESI ThoughtLab, Peter Henstock, Machine Learning & AI Lead at Pfizer, and Ari Kaplan, AI Evangelist at DataRobot as they discuss the findings of the study, and how executives are using AI to drive more business value.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Insights around the current state of AI at major companies and how and why those organizations have plans to continue to make major investments in AI.
  • The 5 best practices to be successful at AI and drive high performance.
  • How Pfizer is already using AI to meet challenges and “lead from the middle.”

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