The Future of Digital Workspaces with Lakeside


The future of digital workplaces hinges on one important factor: digital employee experience (DEX). The smoother the digital experience, the more productive employees can be. Conversely, the harder it is to access and use workplace technology, the less workers can do. More than a year spent supporting remote workers since the outbreak of Covid-19 has given companies a crash course in the urgency of digital employee experience.

CEOs and CHROs now realize how much of a priority digital employee experience is in the modern work world. That’s because understanding the technology needs of employees and how it affects them is imperative for creating sustainable growth in productivity as well as controlling costs. Ignoring digital experiences, however, can lead to poor business performance, failed goals, and other losses.

This Lakeside Software report is based on commissioned research performed by ThoughtLab including a survey of 200 C-level executives, 200 end users, and 200 IT leaders in March and April 2021 within manufacturing, financial services, professional services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals/life sciences, and insurance.