ServiceNow Workflow Quarterly: The Resilience Issue


Companies need resilience to succeed in a world where disruption occurs suddenly and cascades unpredictably.

We define organizational resilience as the ability to maintain performance in the face of environmental, political, social, cyber, and other disruptions. The global pandemic reminded us that in an interconnected world, disruption can occur suddenly and cascade unpredictably. At the same time, some companies and governments weathered the COVID-19 challenge better than others. So what are the attributes that distinguish the world’s most resilient organizations? How should leaders orchestrate people, processes, and technology to take resilience—and its twin, risk management—to the next level of excellence?

To help answer these questions, we surveyed more than 1,080 senior business leaders across six industries in 13 countries around the globe. Company sizes ranged from $350 million to more than $5 billion in annual revenue.