Cost-Benefit and ROI Analysis

Cost-benefit analysis enriches thought leadership insights by quantifying the cost benefits of a new strategy, digital solution, or business model. 

Cost-benefit analysis can be a key ingredient in creating actionable, evidence-based thought leadership. By using this method, we can help public- and private-sector executives decide whether to undertake important investments in products, services, and solutions. 

Measuring both the tangible and intangible cost-benefits is vital for capturing the full value of an investment. For example, in addition to the direct benefits and costs of making improvements in an airport, the work may generate economic benefits and jobs for the local area, which need to be quantified.

When measuring ROI, our economists use diagnostic tools and bespoke econometric models to evaluate the financial outcome from specific investments. In addition to financial factors, such as revenue growth and cost savings, we can measure qualitative benefits, such as impact on reputation, customers, and employees.