HCLTech: The Blueprint to Total Experience


Total Experience isn’t a trend; it’s the strategic imperative. As the world propels into the next digital era, the importance of personalized and scalable experiences across all stakeholders—be it consumers, employees or users—cannot be overstated. These experiences are not just desirable but have become imperative for the competitive success and sustained growth of enterprises. To unravel the best practices in delivering personalized and scalable human experiences, we conducted global research encompassing 600 firms across Europe, US and APAC.

In our research, we delineate an experience leader as a company prioritizing exceptional experiences for all stakeholders across diverse touchpoints, integrating them into the concept of Total Experience. It entails a seamless integration of customer experience, user experience, employee experience and multi experience enhancing value for stakeholders and synchronizing with their evolving needs and values. This holistic approach allows brands to deliver seamless interactions, fostering loyalty, productivity and profitability.

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