Articles and Think Pieces

For today’s busy executive who wants concise, actionable analysis, rather than a full white paper presenting the research results, ESI ThoughtLab can produce short, thought-provoking articles or think pieces on critical issues. These 2,000- to 3,000-word pieces will be derived from survey or other research and interviews. The articles can include these elements: 

  • Insightful quotes from interviews with executives and experts 
  • Corporate vignettes drawn from case studies 
  • Engaging charts and tables to illustrate relevant survey findings 
  • Calls to action to help readers plan future strategies  

We consult with our clients to choose the focus of each think piece and to develop a compelling story line. The articles can be published as stand-alone pieces and, if desired, later combined in a single white paper. 

Our Experts on Articles and Think Pieces

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