Leading Companies Join Forces to Identify Cybersecurity Best Practices

ESI ThoughtLab leads effort to create a cybersecurity index and roadmap

June 5, 2018 (Philadelphia, PA)ESI ThoughtLab  today announced the formation of a coalition of companies to work together on a ground-breaking thought leadership program, called The Cybersecurity Imperative: Managing cyber risks in a world of rapid digital change. This evidence-based research project will offer companies the strategic insights and benchmark data needed to ensure that their cybersecurity systems are fit for today’s demanding digital marketplace.

Cybersecurity has become a top management priority for companies, which must embrace technological innovation to meet changing market needs. As these organizations digitally transform their businesses, they become larger targets for cybercriminals and a greater concern for both consumers and the regulators who seek to protect them.

“Despite rising cybersecurity risks, most companies still do not have adequate systems in place to detect, protect and respond to cyberattacks,” said Lou Celi, program director and CEO of ESI ThoughtLab. “Our study will provide companies with the definitive platform for benchmarking cybersecurity—one that will allow them to compare their practices against those of their peers, identify gaps and vulnerabilities, and assess the performance of their cybersecurity measures.”

The research and tools the Cybersecurity Imperative produces will be available via the corporate coalition and the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity product, which provides critical business insights into cybersecurity issues for executives around the world. These will include a research database,   semi-annual pulse reports and regular updates, and a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity decision-support and benchmarking platform.

Cross-sector coalition of cybersecurity leaders

To carry out The Cybersecurity Imperative, ESI ThoughtLab is working together with a coalition of top-rank sponsoring companies from across the cybersecurity ecosystem.  These include Baker McKenzie, CyberCube, HP Inc., Knowbe4, Opus, Protiviti, the Security Industry Association, and Willis Towers Watson. In addition, the program will draw on cybersecurity practitioners from companies across sectors, such as Fidelity, DTCC, and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. The sponsors and advisors will provide research direction and intellectual capital for the program.

This innovative research program will cover key industries in the eye of the digital storm: financial services; healthcare and life sciences; consumer goods and retail; manufacturing; energy and utilities; and technology and telecommunications. To gather cybersecurity benchmarking and performance data, ESI ThoughtLab will conduct a diagnostic survey of 1,300 executives around the world with responsibility for cybersecurity.

The survey, which will draw on the highly-respected cybersecurity framework developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), will allow ESI ThoughtLab’s economists to create a cybersecurity performance benchmarking platform to help companies compare their cybersecurity practices, investments, maturity, and performance results with their industry peers.

“Executives not only need to be certain of their own cybersecurity defenses, but also must understand how they track against their peers. This study aims to allow companies to do just that and will offer executives much-needed insight on whether they are doing enough to secure their businesses from a range of cyber threats. Robust cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a competitive differentiator and businesses cannot afford to be left behind,” said Will Wilkinson, general manager of WSJ Pro.

Working with the corporate coalition, ESI ThoughtLab’s team of economists will develop a cybersecurity index to measure the degree of cybersecurity effectiveness in the financial, healthcare/life sciences, consumer markets, and technology sectors throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.  The cybersecurity index, which is expected to be updated semiannually, will track changes in corporate assessments and strategies from shifts in the cyber-risk and regulatory landscape.

In addition to the cybersecurity performance benchmarking platform and index, ESI ThoughtLab will release a white paper and a pulse report that will provide a valuable summary of overall industry progress in cybersecurity and a best-practice roadmap to achieving cybersecurity leadership. The survey will be launched in June and the cybersecurity platform and white paper are slated for release in the autumn of 2018.

“With cyber threats and regulatory scrutiny rising around the world, cybersecurity is now a boardroom issue,” said Lou Celi. “Our aim is to give senior management the analytical tools they need to assess their organization’s cybersecurity effectiveness and develop a strategy to turn cybersecurity into a source of competitive advantage.”

For further information, please contact:

Barry Rutizer, director of client relationships, ESI ThoughtLab
Mobile: 917-251-4190
Email: barry@thoughtworks360.com

Lou Celi, program director, ESI ThoughtLab
Mobile: 917-459-4614
Email:  lou@thoughtworks360.com


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