KPMG: Consumer Loss Barometer


As digital transformation propels organizations worldwide to deploy digitally-enabled products and services that increasingly collect and leverage abundant amounts of data, protecting that data and maintaining consumer trust is increasingly urgent–and crucial for long-term success. KPMG asked ESI ThoughtLab to conduct a two-pronged global survey to assess shifts in consumer expectations for cybersecurity and privacy, and whether organizations understand these concerns and build them into their products and services.

We administered the survey, translated into eight languages, to 2,151 consumers in 24 markets worldwide. The sample, well diversified by gender and age, included a higher percentage of Millennials and Gen Xers. At the same time, we surveyed 1,802 cybersecurity security executives across 12 industries in the same 24 markets. All respondents were from companies with annual revenues over $100 million, and included many with $10 billion or more. The dual survey allowed KPMG to explore not only what consumers expect, but also what it takes for them to stay with a brand when things go wrong — and whether organizations genuinely place consumer interests first during times of crisis. The results highlighted both where organizations are getting it right and where gaps remain with consumer perceptions of cybersecurity.